L’ARCHITECTURE COMMUNICANTE : 24 years of experience at trade fairs & major events

Our history...

L’Architecture Communicante was created by Jean Louis Lureau, graduated from the interior design workshop at l’Ecole Boulle.

Jean Louis Lureau met Thibaut Vitasse. He was a BTS student at l’ Ecole Boulle at the time.

Thibaut Vitasse started to work at L’Architecture Communicante with the aim of taking over from Jean Louis Lureau.

Jean Louis Lureau retires and Thibaut Vitasse takes over him

Odile Vitasse ( Gratuated from l’Ecole Boulle ) integrates the agency to reinforce the teams and support its growth.
First stand in Singapour for our client SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT on the exhibition SIWW ( Singapore International Water Week ).
First steps for ECO-DESIGNED stands for SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

First Stand for the city of PARIS at MIPIM ASIA (International Market for Real Estate Professionals) in HONG KONG.

First stand in Nigeria for our client SUBSEA7 on the exhibition NOG ( Nigeria Oil & Gas )

Integration of the design office AND Alain Nibard.
Solidarity and sports / incentive trip in INDIA > promotion of local craftpersons for the manufacture of school furniture and supply of equipment for orphanages.

Membership of the professional association LEADS ( Agencies of Stands’ Design ) & UNIMEV

Solidarity and sports / incentive trip in Cambodia Promotion of local craftpersons to fund school catering and to distribute school furniture.
New graphic identity…
New impetus 2018 : implementation of a ZERO PAPER approach.

Continuity of the implementation of teleworking for our team.
Integration of the Agency BRAINTRUST Exhibition, design office & standist, specialist of design and production of eco-conceived stands with aluminium frame

On our way to the ISO 20212 certification

Our values
& commitments


With L’Architecture Communicante, your project is unique as well as the interlocutor who accompanies you. We work with methodology and technicality while constantly innovating on new worlds, new materials, new challenges.


We take time to conceive our ideal solution while respecting your budget, your specifications and your time. Design, production, advice and recommandations on the spot, assembly, disassembly, service providers’ coordination, we orchestrate your entire service.

  • Demanding nature
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Proximity
  • Reactivity
  • Custom product
  • Made in France & local
  • Sustainable development

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilty) approach
& sustainable development


The Easyraideuses run twice in the name of L’Architecture Communicante in Ranakpur, India and in Cambodia.
Easyraideuses is a 100% feminine project which allows women to meet population around the world, practise running and leave a mark of their passage through humanitarian actions for children.
The participants recolted and brought many clothes, toys, that were distributed in different schools, establishments, orphanages and dispensaries.
But this trip also allows to pay for bikes for students who live more than an hour away from their school, but also pays for tables and stools for a class in the countryside. All these purchases have been made in India and Cambodia to promote local markets.


“For several years now, our projects have been carried out with a constant concern for the protection of the environment: the coverings used are made from recycled and recyclable products, the partitions are made from particle board with natural binders from European eco-managed forests, the visuals are printed with solvent-free inks and the lighting sources used are very low consumption.
The teams are formed according to the needs and the location. We use local service providers in order to minimise the CO2 footprint and to promote the local economy.
For events and exhibition stands, we design the spaces so that they can be stored and reused, according to your request. Today, in addition to our first steps of recycling, use of eco-friendly products, reuse, bio-sourcing, preference for short networks + local production label, we wish to go even further in these steps: we are on the way to the ISO 20121 certification.

ISO20121 is the international standard for sustainable event management. It is used by exhibitors, advertisers, organizers and service providers, and is designed to improve the quality of events, while maximizing their contribution to sustainable development.


Aim : Learn to identify how to reduce waste and carbon emissions, design stakeholder management programmes, set targets and manage the potential of supply chains.

For whom: CSR managers, as well as procurement professionals in charge of planning or running events.”

The duo of leaders

Thibaut Vitasse
Head Designer of l’Architecture Communicante

Thibaut has always been passionate about architecture, art and design, and fell into it at a very young age. Thibaut joined l’Ecole Boulle at the age of 16. At first to work with wood, his heartstrings. One by one, he climbed the ladder of the Parisian school to obtain a CAP (vocational training certificate) in chair carpentry, then the school’s Diplôme des Métiers D’Art, followed by a BTS (technical diploma) in visual expression, with the option of communication space. During this training, he took part in stand projects and designed his first stand for the KRONOSPAN brand at the 1994 BATIMAT trade fair. This was the opportunity to meet Jean-Louis Lureau, the creator of L’Architecture Communicante. To perfect his training, he continued his studies with a Higher Diploma of Applied Art specialising in furniture and product design. At the end of his studies, he became an assistant and then a manager of the design office for cardboard and metal PLV displays at Michel CASTILLON / CARTONNAGE GIL PARIS. After a few years of experience in the world of PLV, he returned to a more architectural world of the stand. He spent a few years working as an interim in well-known agencies, learning and gaining experience. He naturally joined Jean-Louis LUREAU in 2004, who was planning to retire, with the common goal of keeping L’Architecture Communicante alive. Thibaut will take over from Jean-Louis LUREAU in 2005.

Odile Vitasse
Director Designer of l’Architecture Communicante

Working with materials and spaces was also a vocation for Odile from an early age ! At the end of 9th grade (end of middle school in France), Odile joined l’Ecole Boulle to be trained in Arts and Crafts for 3 years. She first obtained the school’s Métiers d’Art diploma in the Tapestry/Decoration workshop, equivalent to the BAC. Then she continued for 2 years with a Diploma of Creation in Arts and Crafts. To this first course, she added a BTS in Advertising and Visual Merchandising from the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since renamed LA FABRIQUE. For 10 years, she worked in international structures, starting at CARREFOUR in the decoration department of the textile sector (merchandising, decoration and display). Then the magic happened and she joined the Visual Identity and Decoration Department of DISNEYLAND Paris. She managed, upstream and in the field, according to the seasons, collections and events, the visual merchandising and decoration of the shops in the 1st and 2nd parks, the village, the hotels and the golf course. In 2004, she took charge of the informatization of the merchandising plans for all the shops. In 2007, Odile joined Thibaut in the management of L’Architecture Communicante to put her skills at the service of the agency.

The team

L’Architecture Communincante is composed of a team of professionals who are passionate and love to take up a challenge for each new project and accompany you without any flaw from the start to the end of your event.

Delia GUI
Chargée d'Affaires et Développement Commercial
Chargée de Production et Marketing

Our talents
who surround us

Since 1996, we have developed a network of specialists and talents with an absolute reliability and sharing our values and our commitments.
These qualified professionals allow us to realize every challenge and produce projects in France and worlwide by being as close as possible to the place of the event.


Rental companies and publishers

Digital experts


Assemblers and Dismantlers




Light sculptors


Video artists



In France and worlwide